How-to shorten a URL…

TTT Url shortener

So today I have a super easy & quick #tuesdaytechtips that hopefully will help you at some point! My guess, is that at one time or another, in your business & personal life online, you’ll want to know how to shorten a URL.  Why would you want to know this?  Well, mainly so you don’t annoy people with your extremely LONG links to something you want to share!  Or, maybe you want to tweet a link out, and as you know, there’s not alot of room in 140 characters.  A clean & short URL is pretty nice.:)

Here are three different ways (my favorites anyway) that you can shorten a link…

Google URL Shortener

First, the Google URL Shortener….


And the bitly url shortener…. URL shortener

And last, the shortener…

All you do, is copy the original link you want to shorten, visit the site, enter your obnoxious URL and presto chango, you have a short URL you can share!  With each of these, you can also do further tracking and other research to see how your link engages with your audience, so that you can intelligently decide what is best to share and what might not be.  If you want to go that in-depth…

Do you have a link shortener that you use not listed above?  Please, share with us!

Until next week, thanks for following along and please *SHARE* this post if you think it will benefit someone!


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